Dinma Movie World (DMW) is an entertainment company, which has a keen focus on discovering, developing and bringing to lime light talents in the various aspects of entertainment, especially movie production, in Nigeria.

Who We Are
Founded in the year 2017, Dinma Movie World (DMW) is an entertainment company, which has a keen focus on discovering, developing and bringing to lime light talents in the various aspects of entertainment, especially movie production, in Nigeria.

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Why We Exist
For many years, we’ve closely observed the movie industry in Nigeria and have found out that the movie industry is a very large and lucrative industry capable of providing employment opportunity to a significant population of the country.

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Our Orientation
As soon as you are admitted into DMW, you must quickly appreciate our due process in achieving good learning and excellent projects. As much as we believe in training, rehearsals and good work, we also believe in discipline. Every role is restricted to merit.

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Our Programmes

The following programmes are available for subscription at DMW:

Our Mission, Your Education & Career Success.
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DINMA Movie World

Nigeria’s Premier Entertainment Arts School

No other post-secondary institution can give you better training, more hands-on industry production experience, and professional mentorship than DMW.

Our fast, comprehensive and industry-acclaimed education delivers the in-depth knowledge, and shapes your talents into marketable skills that get you hired in the entertainment and creative technology worlds.

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When students begin at DMW, they have passion and a dream. They know where they want to end up, but not how to get there.

We will guide you on your journey through our associate and bachelor’s degree programs toward fulfilling your dreams.

DMW Events


Monthly Get-together

This is aimed at creating an atmosphere of fun, which will illuminate the minds of members and get them familiar with notable personalities in the business, who may be invited to the
By : DMW Admin | Oct 28, 2017

Annual Group Contest

This is a contest among theatres all over Nigeria. The best performing theatre lifts a trophy and wins a cash prize, while the best performing individuals from the groups receive awards.
By : DMW Admin | Oct 28, 2017

Audition/Workshop for Actors

Want to be an actor? Want to get discovered? This is your moment to audition live in front of an elite panel of industry professionals, to see if you have the talent
By : DMW Admin | Oct 28, 2017

Monthly Actors Contest

This is a monthly contest among individual upcoming actors/actresses who will give their auditions before a panel of professional judges. The best three performances receive attractive cash prizes and are cast in
By : DMW Admin | Oct 28, 2017

Management Team

Hon. Christian Oguoma

Chairman (DMW)

Mrs. Nnedinma Oguoma

Vice Chairman

Jay Alfred Onyechi


Mr. Emejuobi Hyginus

Admin/Finance Officer

Now I know who I am, and I know I’ll be much better with the opportunity I have been given at DMW. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to learn all the techniques and the discipline it takes to succeed. I have opened new perspectives and windows to improve myself and develop in this new phase. The education I received from my teachers was the most excellent quality and a stimulus to be better every day.

Thank you. I have fulfilled one of my greatest desires.

Noble OgbonnaStudent/Actor, DMW

Training at DMW has been a transforming experience: mind, body, and soul. It is a comprehensive and challenging program, which has allowed me to learn the craft of Method Acting and cultivate that truth and honesty within myself. The Voice, Movement, and Dance classes have challenged me to explore my own voice and overall physicality, helping me get out of my own way physically and establish a realistic ease of motion with the goal of using my body and voice less to achieve more. Scene study and Script Analysis have been instrumental in the examination of the full depth of characters, subtexts and objectives. I am now able to extract the dynamic and full essence of each character, which has drastically improved my ability to live truthfully on stage.

Olivia Edna Philip C.Student/Actress, DMW

In our modern education system we are constantly told that we are not enough. That we are not this, that we are not that. That we should be more like him or more like her and that what we feel and what we have lived through pales into insignificance compared to the others who have gone before us. Although this might be very informative and may be very “educational” and good for us it very often does not give one the confidence or inspiration to break the mold.

Fortunately this is not the case at DMW. All that you will be asked for at DMW is that firstly you work hard and most importantly that you be honest and truthful.

Richard KingStudent/Actor, DMW