Founded in the year 2017, Dinma Movie World (DMW) is an entertainment company, which has a keen focus on discovering, developing and bringing to lime light talents in the various aspects of entertainment, especially movie production, in Nigeria. With its base in Owerri, Imo State, DMW is eager to introduce excellent talents to stardom every year.


Why is DMW founded?

For many years, we’ve closely observed the movie industry in Nigeria and have found out that:

  1. The movie industry is a very large industry capable of providing employment opportunity to a significant population of the country.
  2. The movie industry is a lucrative industry and, therefore, is capable of causing relief to the nation’s economy by providing standard livelihood independent of the government to millions of people
  3. Since a greater percentage of Nigeria’s youth population desires to become celebrity through movies especially, the industry is capable of keeping a good percentage of the population productively busy.


But we also truly observed that:

  1. Though the movie industry already boasts a large population, only few, perhaps the few already established star actors and no one else, are truly employed while only few manage to earn a living from the industry.
  2. As lucrative as the movie industry is assumed, most of its population are found in the low class in Nigeria entire society, and it is a shame.
  3. The industry has no outfit to manage the woeful economic situation of its members effectively and efficiently in the sense to boost the economy of the up-coming members.
  4. The industry barely encourages its up-coming members. Such members are denied opportunity to prominence since they hardly take up significant roles in high profile productions. There’s a wide spread ignorance, which suggests that you don’t need any training to be an action. This suggestion is the greatest deceit ever!
  5. There are few professionals available and willing to give attention to the development of potential talents in the industry.
  6. The points listed above combine to engender the founding of DMW. DMW is on a mission to change the dark fate of the up-coming actor and bring hope that is alive and true. We will do it!


How will DMW accomplish this?

DMW will ensure that:

  1. Real professionals are engaged in the training of members so that they are competent on any platform. We will not neglect or ignore the talent of any members. The up-coming artistes are practically encouraged and projected through our high profile movies. In such movies, they’ll relish the opportunity to take up prominent roles.
  2. There is fairness in distribution of finances among members. This will not be the case where an artiste is paid so much as wage, while another is left to go with little or nothing. Members’ wages shall upgrade their standard of living.
  3. We are eager to introduce fresh and prolific talents to limelight every year, therefore, we have provided an excellent learning atmosphere and provided also the necessary equipment for training and execution of projects.



As soon as you are admitted into DMW, you must quickly appreciate our due process in achieving good learning and excellent projects. As much as we believe in training, rehearsals and good work, we also believe in discipline. Every role is restricted to merit.